Hi. Just checking in...we haven't fallen off the map. We have officially moved into our new apartment (looking for the camera so we can post pics of our new home sweet home). We've changed our address on all our mail (I think)...and we've finally found the mailbox that is ours. I am really liking our new apartment, as far as apartments go. Yes, we downsized from two bedrooms to one, but we now have a washer and dryer, bigger kitchen, and more common space, so we're excited about hosting Lifegroup and movie nights. I may even start cooking again!

And, we've been in Orlando for a year. Feeling more settled in, feel like this is home now. Yes, of course, our Arkansas roots run deep, but we're at home here too...and that's a nice feeling.


Stevo 6/6/07 1:52 PM  

awesome...congrats on the move...we miss ya'll. Hope all's goin well!

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