Catch 22- Lost tonight

Well guys,
It's Wednesday again, and everybody knows what that means. Fried Shrimp night at the Golden Corral! I mean Lost is on.

"Tonight's episode is "Catch-22" and is a reference to the novel Catch-22 written by Joseph Heller and published in 1961. It is a satirical fiction that tells the story of the US army in World War II, and centers around the experiences of a soldier, Yossarian.

The phrase 'Catch-22' is used to denote a situation that's outcome depends on a contradictory thing happening, thus making the first thing impossible to happen"

Now I just got done watching two different previews for tonights show and whoa, i think it's going to be a good one. Here's the synopsis for tonight. It's another Desmond episode!

Desmond convinces Hurley, Jin, and Charlie to follow him on a trek through the jungle. Flashbacks reveal more of Desmond's Army career. Meanwhile, a despondent Kate turns to Sawyer after seeing Jack and Juliet together.

Here's a link to one of the clips. Oh and did I mention it sounds like there's a helicopter on the island!


khunton 19/4/07 5:09 PM  

Sweet! I love that you know this...I was wondering why it was called "Catch 22". I am really curious who this mysterious woman is that fell from the sky, how she knew Desmond's name, how long Kate and Sawyer can last, when Ben is going to reappear, what the heck happened to Lock and his father, and a bunch of other stuff, but looks like we may get some answers next week. Thanks for posting and for the insight!

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