It feels like Summer here in Orlando. Weather is getting back up to the mid-80s...it is beautiful and sunny. Mom was telling me that the Bradford Pears and Red Bud trees are blooming in Arkansas. The signs of Spring are more subtle here.

Life is rolling right along for us. Andrew just finished his 3rd quarter...so that makes 7 more to go...and it means that we've almost been here a year. And...I've been in my job over 6 months, which is just amazing. We really are doing well.

On a completely unrelated topic...I was stuck in traffic the other day, I think of things to blog about while I'm driving, and then very rarely get back to the computer before the thought is gone. Today I'm remembering the angry man that really wanted to take it out on me yesterday. Road rage is a serious problem in Orlando, but I am just praying for the grace to just let it go, and to not let my emotions get so worked up. We think, "how dare you <>????", and yet all of us feel that we are the only ones on the road (or the only ones that matter). I don't have any conclusions, really. I've just been thinking about it alot lately. Road Rage seems like such a silly thing, really...but it has become so serious...car wrecks happen, tempers flare, and (unbelievably) people die. How can we let something so utterly controlable get so out of hand? We talk about world peace and tolerance and accepting other people, yet it goes out the window when we're driving.

Anyway, random rant, I know. Just something I've been thinking about lately.


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