Baby, its COLD!

Okay, I know...I should stop whining about it. But...seriously, Florida is not prepared for weather below 50 degrees. Concrete buildings stay put during a hurricane...but are definitely not very cold-weather friendly! We haven't really unpacked our cold weather clothes...can't find my big winter coat...and it got below freezing last night. We've been trying so hard to keep our heater off...but cranked it up last night...still couldn't get warm.

I absolutely could not get warm this weekend. Our church doesn't have a heater. So we shivered through the service yesterday morning. Brrrrrrr!

I know, I can suffer through a few days of cold weather. It will get to "normal" in a few days, probably back up to 80 this weekend. Okay. I'm done whining. Just need to think warm thoughts. :)


Lafe 19/2/07 8:10 PM  

Oh my what was that? Oh, it was a single tear coming from my left eye...Miss y'all...

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