iVillage.com just launched a new daytime talk show centered around their website. You can watch the iVillageLive on some NBC stations, or Bravo (it airs on Bravo here in Orlando), from 12noon to 1:00pm Eastern/Pacific. It’s the first talk show that interacts live with an online audience, studio audience, and viewers at home. Pretty cool!

All that to say, yesterday, some of my girlfriends and I were part of the studio audience! Here are a few pictures:

The Set before the show started filming

Me & Kathy in the Audience

We had a great time, the show is so unbelievably cheesy, but it was fun. Tickets are free, and right now, its not that hard to get tickets for whenever we want to go back. Hopefully, as the show gains popularity, the give-aways will get better. They usually cook something, but yesterday, they gave away free 30 minute personal trainer sessions with Bali Fitness. I'll have to find my way to the gym now...I think there might be one up the street from our apartment. It would be amazing if I actually used this session...we shall see. :)

We're going to Fort Lauderdale this weekend to visit a friend of mine from when I worked at Kanakuk. She lives there with her husband, and we're going to see their Christmas pageant. I'm really looking forward to it, I'll give you all an update when we get back.


Kathy,  7/12/06 2:54 PM  

Awww...pretty in pink...aren't we? It was fun!

whitney 9/12/06 2:24 PM  

that's cool. i saw the ivillage commercial on tv the other day. maybe we can go when i come visit!!

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