Life These Days

There are little snapshots of life that I think, “I should blog that…” and now here I am and I can’t narrow it down. So, I will write a somewhat detailed list (you know I love lists), and if there is anything in particular that you would like more details about, please leave me a comment and I will expound. ;)

*I’ve been at my new job with Wycliffe Foundation for 1 month! And…now I have my own profile on the Staff page. Click here to see.

*Spent last weekend with Lori & Cindy in DC…what an amazing time we had. I am in the process of posting pictures of our time. The highlight was definitely our personal tour of the Pentagon by Ms. “Country-Director-of-Mexico-&-Canada”…really it was amazing to see Lori’s life there and how passionate she is about what she does. With all the craziness going on in government right now, Cindy and I both felt a sense of pride knowing that there really are people like Lori in our nation’s capitol. Cindy posted a few pictures on her blog here, and I promise, more pictures are coming soon.

*My flight was delayed in DC because of a threat on the plane. We taxied around the runway, then back to the gate where the flight attendants escorted a “gentleman” off the plane. Then we took off about 15 minutes later. Very mysterious, it was the weirdest thing. I'm glad I didn't end up on the 6:00 news.

*Andrew and I have definitely been enjoying some of his perks as a Disney employee. Last week was the opening of a new ride at Epcot, and they let employees and guest get a “sneak peek” at the ride before it officially opened. So Thursday night, we went with a few friends to Epcot, rode the new Nemo ride at the Living Seas, then walked around and ate yummy ethnic food at Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival.

*We went to Oktoberfest at our friend Angie’s Oma’s (grandmother’s) house on Saturday night. Oma lives by the 408 (Tollway) on Lake Underhill Drive in Orlando, and she has a big huge billboard in her back yard. Also, she has a bar in her house. Literally, a full bar like “Cheers," in her house. We went with some friends from Lifegroup and had a great time eating beef stew and bratwurst, and watching the festivities of Oktoberfest. Lafe, you would have loved this one.

*Then yesterday, we strolled around Central Park in Winter Park for the annual Arts Festival. The weather was perfect, and we got to see all kinds of different work from the local artists.

The longer we’re here in Florida, the more apparent it becomes that Florida is like being in a whole other country. Take Autumn, for example. I know Andrew mentioned this yesterday, but the leaves don’t change colors, and the trees are actually blooming. And the birds are chirping. And its about 60 degrees in the morning, with a light breeze. So really, it feels more like Spring than anything else. We have our AC off, and the windows open, and the weather really is so beautiful. It just is NOT mid October. Really. Its April. I think.

AND...Saturday was my Momma's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! I loved the pics of your ride on the Dam Bridge. Click here to see what I'm talking about. xoxox


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