Weather has started to get a little cooler here, mind you that means about 70 degrees, but hey, it's something. We have officially turned off our AC, and last night, Andrew pulled out our down comforter (can you believe it?), since it was freezing in our apartment and we would like to enjoy a month or so of a lower energy bill before we think of turning on the heater. Plus the word "heater" and "Florida" just don't seem to go together. And, yesterday, I wore a fleece pullover to work. I mean, it was 65 almost all day!!!!!

Still sunny and beautiful. This weekend is a Women's Retreat with the ladies at H2O. We're going to Vero Beach, and most of the organized "talk" time will be spent actually on the beach. But, to be perfectly honest, I think I'd rather be at Camp Egan. Trees, nature, babbling brook, afternoon hike. That sounds fun.

The beach will be nice too, I'm sure.
I'll let you all know how it goes.


Nelson 26/10/06 12:14 PM  

Are Aaron and Kimberly (forgot the last name) at your H20 church? Aaron is probably the lead on the band. He and I worked together at Marketplace Express in the NWA Mall until he moved down to do the H20 church.

kathy,  26/10/06 1:39 PM  

I don't know - you better bring your parka to the beach this weekend! :)
looking forward to hanging out with you!
love, kath

Virginia 26/10/06 3:05 PM  

I don't know Aaron and Kimberly...yet. Maybe Kimberly will be at the retreat this weekend. I'll let ya know. By the way, cute pics of your new little one on your blog. You have a sweet family. I love the pics of Emma with her cheerleading outfit on!!! :)

And Kath, HEY!!! Welcome to the blog. I definitely need to find a parka, cause you're right...its going to be cold!!!! ;) I really am looking forward to this weekend.

For those that don't go to the Grove...Camp Egan is where the women of the Grove go to "retreat" every year.

Elise 27/10/06 11:05 AM  

V--Hope you have an awesome time this weekend. BTW, you guys are very prolific these days. Thanks for keeping us posted on your world!

Shelli 27/10/06 12:00 PM  

V-Dawg...sounds like the weather is similar to ours up here. Just close your eyes and imagine all the red maples.

Christy Hutchins 27/10/06 7:09 PM  

Hey Virg and Andrew...

I got to this cite from Jordan Greenwald's site...which I didn't even know you all knew him. :-) This is Christy Hutchins (Paine). How the heck are ya'll? Can you email me your email addresses? I'd love to catch up with the both of you! I miss you and hope you're doing well.
EMAIL ME! crittyhutchins@yahoo.com

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