Our new apartment

As promised, here are some pictures we've taken over the past few weeks. I'm really trying to get into the habit of taking more pictures!!! So, I will try to post more pics more often. Just to catch everyone up, we arrived in Orlando on June 2, and moved into our new home (apartment, sweet apartment) on the 3rd. I've crammed all our kitchen boxes (a ridiculous amount of kitchen boxes) in our guest bedroom and walk-in closets, so for now, the place is pretty clean and simple. Ahh. Besides the big living room/kitchen/dining room shown in the pic above, we have two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a pantry (yeah!), utility closet, laundry room with no washer/dryer, and two walk in closets. Lots of space! I love it!

Speaking of Space, Cocoa Beach and the Space Coast are only 45 minutes from our casa, so we've been soaking up the sun as much as possible. We went to Cocoa Beach last Saturday evening for dinner and we watched the surfers. Pretty fun.

Anyway, we're still on the job hunt, so we appreciate your prayers in that area. Other than that, life is dandy and Andrew is getting ready to start school on July 10. We miss all our Arkansas friends...so much. Hope you are all doing great.



Shelli 23/6/06 4:31 PM  

Your kitchen looks to be about the same size as your old one. But...the living room and dining room look WAY bigger.

...miss you!

Patricia 23/6/06 9:21 PM  

The apartment looks great! I love the red sofa!

EY 24/6/06 7:57 PM  

sniff sniff...the picture of the moving truck makes me feel sad. :(

come back soon?

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