Orlando's Weather Forcast = It "Might" Rain

This is the way the meteorologist's forcast the weather in Florida. It "might" rain, any given day. Or...it might not. Andrew and I have found out that Orlando weather is weird! It rained yesterday in Orlando, and we decided to drive to the beach since stormy weather = big waves = lots of surfers. We thought that even if its raining at the beach we could watch the surfers or go to Barnes and Noble...plus it beat sitting around the apartment all day. We took off around noon, and drove the 45 minutes to the east coast. We drove through thunderstorms, heavy downpours, patches of sunny, blue sky, and big, puffy clouds.

Once we got to Cocoa Beach, the weather was beautiful. Scattered clouds, bright sun, blue sky. No rain. We watched the surfers, swam, looked for shells, and people-watched until around 3, then we headed back to rainy Orlando. It was so fun to get out of town during the rain showers and enjoy the beach! Definitely don't let the weather dicate what you do in Florida.

Today we were listening to NPR, and the meteorologist said it "might rain" today. It was bright and sunny around noon. Hmm. Right now its been raining HARD since around 2:00. Weird Florida weather.


rob 25/6/06 4:50 PM  

Yup...it's tropical here in the summer. that's what it's like here. oh well.

Patricia 25/6/06 8:52 PM  

Just count on rain everyday until September/October. Rob and I both have umbrellas in the car at all times.

It was fun hanging out last night!

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