Hola From Florida!

Just checking in. We are here and slowly but surely settling in to our new home. We're in a great area & most everything we need is within one to two miles of our apartment. The guest bedroom is all set up, so we are all ready for you to come visit anytime!

We are still just using wifi/bluetooth on my Palm for internet, so email & blogging may be pretty slow for a while. We'll be in touch & will post pics soon.



rob 4/6/06 3:07 PM  

need anything let us know

cindy lou-who 5/6/06 8:56 AM  

so glad you guys had a good trip down! can't wait to see pics of your new abode. miss you already,b ut you are right where you need to be. drew- any Starbucks advice for me? :-) talk to y'all soon- ck

Heidi 6/6/06 9:35 AM  

great to hear from you! We will look forward to checking your blog to keep up with you guys!!

Polly 10/6/06 11:51 PM  

virginia! this is polly-- glad to hear you've moved, and started the change process. wow! last time i talked to you it seemed forever away that you would actually move. i think i can say, i totally understand what you are going through right now. for the first few months we felt like we were on vacation in utah too. surreal. hard to put to words. not home like at all. but still fun. still right. i'd love to stay in touch with you by blog. i'll check your's as often as i can. my blog is pedacus.blogspot.com. good luck unpacking and organizing.

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