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To all my fellow Losties. There have been quite a few crazy things going on in the world of Lost. A few of you know about the websites that supplement the show. By supplement I don't mean "talk" about the show, I mean they are actually part of the shows plot. One example is the Oceanic Air website. It's the official website of the airline that the Losties crashed in. It's been up since last season with few updates, but there's some pretty interesting stuff on it nonetheless, especially the seating chart. Do some exploring on it and remember the numbers.

The latest update and the official launch of The Lost Experience was last week with the airing of a commercial for The Hanso Foundation on NBC. For those of you who don't remember, The Hanso Foundation is the organization that created the training video that was found in the hatch and the group that as far as we know is responsible for The Dharma Initiative. The website is incredibly interesting with lots to read. The website has been "hacked" and has some pages on it that give some more insight to what's happening with the organization. Along with the website is The Hanso Foundation's phone number that was aired in the commercial. 1-877-HANSORG. I saw it when I was on the abc website and gave it a call. It has the voice mail of some of the Heads of THF as well as a password to get into one of the hacked parts of the THF website. Some other interesting things that recur during the call, in different languages, are The Magna Carta? and Geronimo Jackson (the band that is one of the hatch's vinyl collection).

One more thing, Amazon has just released the completed version of "The Bad Twin" which is the manuscript that Sawyer was reading in the most recent episode! The synopsis is fascinating as is the video interview with the author Gary Troup who apparently crashed on the Oceanic 815 flight. Mentioned in both is Troups first book "The Valenzetti Equation". The other place we've seen the name Valenzetti is on the map that Locke sees on the blast door. The Valenzetti equation=something to do with the numbers? Anyways, I hope to order the book soon.

Aparently The Lost Experience is turning into a full out ARG (Alternate Reality Game). Whatever it is, I'm hooked.


Nelson 8/5/06 11:03 PM  

I'm with ya' 100%! I'm subscribed to about 5 LOST experience forums that are tracking the Hanso Foundation hacks and discussions. It's crazy the amount of technical savvy required for this stuf!

At http://persephone.thehansofoundation.org, Persephone leaves encrypted codes that have to be changed to ASCII characters, then run through a ROT-13 decryption program just to get the clue! NUTS!

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