Quick Update

Hello! Here's a little update about what's going on in our crazy lives:

-Still looking for a job and apartment in Orlando. The "hunt" is in full swing. Of course, some days are more stressful than others, but honestly, we're not too worried about it. We ARE moving down there a month before school starts so that we can get somewhat settled and finish what needs to be done. Official move date is May 31. That is the day we'll be loading the truck and driving out of Fayetteville.

-Currently training my replacement at Arvest. She's doing really great and it is such a releif to leave this job in capable hands.

-Andrew had his wisdom teeth out today. I can't believe it only took 30 minutes for them to surgically remove 4 teeth! WOW! He's doing pretty good...resting and recovering. He'll be eating hamburgers again in no time!

-Julia will be going back to Thailand here in a few weeks. Last weekend, we went home for Thanksgiving...for Julia. It was a great time of food and family. And...we got to meet Whitney's new boyfriend. Fun! ;)

-Women's Retreat with the Grove is this weekend. I'm looking forward to some good quality time with the girls, and some good quiet time with the Lord.


Stevo 2/5/06 11:46 AM  

Hey there,
Wanted to say hi to you two. Holler to my blog.

Patricia 3/5/06 10:27 PM  

Let us know if you need any help or anything!

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