it's not all for naught

This is the midweek post which I am using to expound upon the glory that was this weekend. I know VA spoke about the deliciousness that is a Hugo's burger, but my Hugo heart lies soley in the greatest chicken sandwich ever made, the Derek's special. The breast is exquisitely marinated and it is topped with fine Swiss, crisp smoked applewood bacon, and honey mustard (which is not overly sweet, and has the perfect amount of twang), and most importantly...no mayonnaise (Brett, You know what I'm talking about!).

So Saturday afternoon Brett, Stu, Jason, Lafe and I took off for Tulsa to see Deathcab for Cutie at one of my favorite venues of all time, Cain's Ballroom (formerly a two-steppin-honkey-tonk that has been converted to house some of the few good acts one can find in the tri-state area). The plan was to go to the new Ted's Cafe Escondido (which I can whole heartedly say is the best mexican food I've ever had), but the wait was over two hours and we didn't have that much time so we went to Chimi's instead where our waitress is still trying to make separate tickets for our dinner.

After dinner we made our way to Cain's and wandered around. The great thing about Cain's is the size. There's really not a bad spot in the place. I usually take front left because people are always more likely to stand in the center. The opening band, the cribs, were mediocre. They were from England and all I could think about while watching them was Charlie's band Driveshaft and there #1 hit "You all everybody!." Which many of us who went to the show now have stuck in our head even though the cribs didn't play it, which they should have.

Deathcab went on at 9 and I must confess I was a little anxious about what their live show would be like. I had seen them a few weeks before on SNL and I wasn't that impressed. They opened with Marching Band's of Manhattan and it was good, but it didn't have the energy I was hoping for. And then somewhere during the second or third song they hit their stride and it just got better and better and better. The show was so good. The teeny-boppers were a bit annoying, trying to record the show with their cell phones voice recorders which is about as smart as buying a pontiac aztec.

Highlights: The Sound of Settling, What Sarah Said, I will follow you into the dark, We looked like Giants.

By the way, if it's after 11pm in tulsa and you want to buy a non 3star beer, you're out of luck. Just suck it up, go to QT and get a milwaukee's beast.


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