Interoffice Communication

Sorry to interupt Andrew's Travelogue...but we received this email at work today and it made me laugh, so I'm posting it for all to see.

My manager...Mr. Macho...had to send this to all the female employees today...pretty funny!

Subject: Ladies Bathroom.

"As you may know we have been having problems with the handle coming loose on the commode. The only explanation that we can come up with is that someone is using their foot to flush. We realize that customers use our bathrooms also but if you're the person doing this please refrain. Although we do enjoy the maintenance men's company, I'm sure that they would rather not have to come fix the same problem every week. If you are concerned with touching the handle with your hand, you can get a piece of tissue and use it to flush. That way you have a barrier between you and the commode. If this doesn't apply to you just ignore this email. We do realize that it could be a customer. Thanks for your help."

Now back to regularly scheduled programming... ;) Have a great weekend everyone!



Shelli 7/4/06 5:26 PM  

Is Mr. Macho...R-dawg?

whitney 8/4/06 4:22 PM  

that's funny. you should send it to "what do you know"

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