Kent and Kristen gave a wonderful talk on marriage at church last night. Andrew and I missed the service, but I listened to the podcast this morning while I was working on some things in my office (no wasted time!)...

Whether you are single or married, or thinking about getting married, or never wanting to get married, I recommend taking the time today to listen if you get a chance. Here's a link.

From their talk, here are 5 things I've been pondering:

1. I was never a selfish person before I got married. Marriage made me selfish. Period. (I know my mom is reading this...and laughing.)

2. God's purpose in marriage is not fulfilled through "marital faithfulness" alone, but through us becoming more like Him...through sanctification.

3. Marriage (i.e. sanctification) requires a lifestyle of continual repentance of our selfishness - confession and committment to change.

4. What do I think is impossible in my marriage? Am I willing to trust that "all things work together for the GOOD?" And by "good," meaning...that I trust Him to make us/me more like Christ? That He will use those things to create oneness and growth in our marriage?

5. I can read 1,000 books on marriage, but if I don't make the decision to change, it will never happen.

Marriage is so much less about me and my happiness. It is about holiness. And...its one thing to talk about it (or hear about it), and another to live it. Oh, it is so much more difficult than I could have pictured. What will be the catalyst for change in my life? How will marriage be used in my life to make me a deeper, richer, more sanctified person?


shauna 7/3/06 9:32 AM  

i was such a better and nicer person before i got married ;) marriage turned me into a selfish mess! ;)

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