Just checking in. We're at Panera in Orlando taking a breather from our whirlwind weekend. Its been great. We feel like God has really given us some clarity and peace about the decisions we're making. He is good! I had a cute pic of us to post, but for some reason its not uploading. Bummer. If you get a sec, go over to mom's blog and check out her Thailand pics. They are there right now, spending time with Julia. Looks like they're having fun!

So, we'll be back in Fayetteville tomorrow evening. Happy Valentines Day, dear friends. See you soon.



rob 13/2/06 7:22 PM  

It was great meeting y'all tonight. Stop by for more Q anytime!

Next time...Cuban!

Dr. A 16/2/06 2:12 AM  

Hmmm...I also was in Orlando on February 13th. How odd.

anje 16/2/06 4:36 AM  

and hear all about your trip.

We are fine. I can't seem to be near a phone to call you when you are likely to be awake! Imagine that. It is 5:41 p.m. now. We are on our way to have dinner with the Smith's (we have not met them yet.) Dad and J went to Thai boxing last night. We have been to night market almost every night. We had dinner w/ J's house-mates. Four dishes - all wonderful. Traditional Thai food. Cashew chicken, Coconut-chicken-mushroom-lemongrass soup, and some kind of tuna dish - i guess you could call it spicy tuna salad - not made with mayonnaise. Hard to explain. But WONDERFUL! Oh - and rice=)


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