Sorry if this is a little choppy...this computer is going a little slow...I'll update links later.


Highlights of our trip to Orlando:

-Meeting our new friends from h2o church: Barb, Denise, Jonathan, Jared (6 years old) and Kayla (3 years old). Jonathan and Denise graciously opened their home to us over the weekend...they were so fun to be around and we felt right at home with them!!
-Visiting Full Sail. Man! What a production! Full Sail was every bit as impressive as we expected it to be. It is perfect for anyone going into the entertainment world. After leaving there on Sunday, I was a little overwhelmed and still had lots of unanswered questions, but our experience there was still great.
-Meeting Kim and touring IADT. Kim is Andrew's admissions advisor. She gave us a personal tour of IADT and answered all of our questions. We left IADT with more answers to our questions, and more peace. IADT is way more our pace, and Andrew will still get to learn all the things he wants to learn. Yeah God!
-Meeting Rob and Patricia. They rearranged their schedule for us on Monday night. We had dinner at Smokey Bones, and had a great conversation about Orlando and life in general. Thanks guys! It was great to meet you!

So, it looks like we're moving this summer. Thanks to everyone for their prayers for us. Here are the main things we're praying for now...

1. A job for me.
2. An economical apartment that's not in the ghetto. ;)
3. Continued wisdom about the entire process...we don't want to make an overly-emotional decision about any of this.



Melani,  16/2/06 7:20 PM  

Hi, you don't know me but I started "lurking" your blog a few weeks ago. I've enjoyed your posts, to be honest I'm not even sure how I found your blog. Anyway, I have a friend that moved to Orlando a few years ago while her husband went to school. She had to find a job and a very "economical" apartment while there. I thought you might want to ask her for some advice. Her blog is www.fostering.blogspot.com

Her name is Robyn and I know she would be happy to help.

Kristy 16/2/06 10:27 PM  

Whoa, whoa, whoa! All of this is news to me! Wow...a move to Orlando. Sounds exciting! I guess it's less likely that we will run into each other at Target this way!

I have an aunt who lives in Orlando. I could ask her about apts, etc. She's lived in several.

rob 17/2/06 7:54 AM  

looking forward to it!

Nelson 17/2/06 8:38 AM  

I have a friend of mine who works with the H2O church in Orlando! Aaron & Kimberly Smith...he's in the band there.

It's very exciting (and scary, I'm sure) that y'all are moving! Just keep up the blog so we know what's going on with you both!

Grant 17/2/06 9:17 AM  

By moving to Orlando - you've INCREASED the probability of us finally meeting!!! My in-laws are there and we go there at least once a year - sometimes more - to see them and the Mouse!

So....there's still a chance!!!!!

Virginia 17/2/06 2:25 PM  

thanks for all the comments!

Melani - Welcome to our blog. I love comments!!!! I appreciate your input. Feel free to stop by anytime.

Kristy - They have Target in Orlando! (and Disney World, and lots of other fun "family" things...) ;)

Nelson - Jonathan is in the band there too, so I bet they know each other. We didn't meet them while we were there, but maybe soon. We'll be sure to keep up with the blog.

And...Grant...I really do hope we get to meet you soon. thanks for updating your links...now I don't feel like such an outcast.

rob 17/2/06 5:22 PM  

Grant says he visits Orlando, but don't believe him.

jlo 25/2/06 5:19 PM  

Actually...The Stegers and The English family should be able to meet in exactly 28 days from now, at the Lofton-Marlin wedding of course. Grant, see you in the Rock next weekend. See you tonight V and Andrew.

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