Sunday Afternoon Reflections

I'm still in my "new-years-resolutions-inspired" mode. It's interesting how one day (Jan 1) can make us feel like we're wiping the slate clean and starting over. Of all the milestones that happen all year long, birthdays, anniversaries, etc, January 1 marks a fresh start. I know I talked about some things I've been working on lately...organizing, etc. Thursday night in CG we talked about good and bad things that happened in 2005, and how we want 2006 to be better. My mind was sortof racing about all the things that happened this last year. It was our first full year of marriage, first year we successfully stuck to a budget, we took several trips this year and spent some great time with friends that we haven't seen in a long time, and we're making some big plans for 2006. In light of the changes happening in our life this year, these are some things I want to be true of me:

-I want to be more organized. Simplify simplify simplify.
-I want to learn a new skill. Right now I'm working on learning how to knit (thanks to mom for her amazing inspiration!) and I've found a knitting class that I think I'm going to take. Anyone with me???
-I want to be a better friend. I feel I'm so blessed with awesome people around me...but sometimes I still feel kindof closed off. Part of that, I know, was how crazy the past few years have been...all the transitions (and hormones!) that have happened over the past two years have made me a little crazy. :) Things are beginning to iron out, and I'm definitely feeling more stable over the past few months...I feel like there's lots of catching up I need to do in order to feel like "myself" again. I am learning how to be a better friend. I hope the people around me know how truly special they are to me.
-I want to read more. Going through "Knowing God" by J.I. Packer will be so good for me. I want to start (and finish!) more books this year. So, I'm open to suggestions on great reading material.
-I want to make more effort at being true to my word. I want to be known as someone that does what she says she'll do. Make committments that I can keep, participate in projects I can see through to the end, return phone calls, that sort of thing. I don't think I'm necessarily bad at this, I just want to be better at it.

I know, lots of lofty goals, but I've just really been thinking lately about how I'm not really being the person I want to be. The only way I can be better is by actually taking responsibility and making the effort. I love who God made me. I just really think He wants more of me than what I've been giving him. These are just a few personal goals. I have many more thoughts of how I want to be a better student of Him, a more gentle loving person, and a better wife, but I can blog about those things at a later time. Those, I feel, are more "sanctification" things...that He can do in me when I have a willing heart. I'm open to change. I pray that 2006 is a year of that for me.


Heidi 18/1/06 5:10 PM  

Virginia, after reading your thoughts on friendship I just wanted to let you know how you have been a blessing to me! Since arriving here in Arkansas I have felt so welcomed by you. You have such a gentle and sweet disposition that automatically puts people to ease around you. You are truly an encouragement to me!

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