Cleaning & Christmas Cookies

I just got home from our "Blog Party" at Chili's, if you weren't there, then you really missed out! We'll have to do another one soon (like, in less than a year!). Thanks Shauna for planning it.

Its 2:00 on Saturday, and I have over a weeks worth of laundry to catch up on, and I'm inspired to work on some Christmas cookies. I love the smell of sugar cookies baking...yum!!! I don't, however, like the smell of candles that smell like cookies or chocolate or pie, etc...they just make me hungry.

I turned on the t.v. for background noise while I do my chores today...and A Very Brady Christmas was on. I just had to sit down to watch the end...how can you resist? Its kindof like a car wreck...you just can't help but stare...

Tonight is my work Christmas party at the Town Center. So, we'll get to go down to the Square and enjoy the lights and some Hot Chocolate (thanks, Esther!).

There's my Saturday. I hope everyone has a great one!


Elizabeth,  10/12/05 4:03 PM  

Hey Virgina! Sounds like you are having a good Saturday. You should definitely make some Christmas cookies. YUMMY! I am studying for finals today and the next 6 days! It's not much fun. I am so ready to get them over with. Anyways, I love you and can't wait to see you. Tell Drew "hi" for me. :-)

Shelli 12/12/05 4:20 PM  

Yippee for christmas cookies!

EY 14/12/05 8:14 AM  

we sold like 400 cups of hot chocolate....we sold other stuff (hot cider and coffee too) you and andrew didn't come by...sniff sniff...shauna called in an order and i delivered her hot chocolate to her car while she did a drive-by (well i sent someone b/c ppl were order them like 10 at a time....so anyhoo..i might be out ther again this week b/c arvest needs more ppl....but anyhoo..it was crazy...we sold tons...ran out of the stuff arvest gave us and literally ran to IGA to get more cups..and then when we ran out of jug water....we took two jugs to the towne center and filled them with water from the water fountain. crazy! it was good..and not as cold as it could have been. good times good times.

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