For anyone that has to work the day after Thanksgiving, its obvious why this day is called "Black Friday." Now, I am definitely not opposed to a good day's work, and I don't dislike my job...there are just other things I'd rather do today. This post is my attempt to be positive and enjoy my day!

  • I'm so thankful for family. One of the greatest things about getting married (for me...I know its not the same for everyone!) is that my family doubled in size. We spent the day with the Stegers, and had a wonderful, relaxing day. Reading the paper (aka comics, sports, and holiday advertising), watching "Its a Wonderful Life" (one of my favorites!), and sharing a feast around the table. Also, I think we added a new family tradition...Christina and Andrew are now REQUIRED to make Chocolate Pie. It was so good. ;)
  • I'd rather be at my office today than fighting traffic at the mall!
  • Its "casual day" at the office, and I'm wearing my new favorite shoes (Cowboy boots!)
  • Yesterday started my most favoritest time of year. In spite of the craziness of shoppers, I really love "the holidays." Parties, friends, good movies, Christmas carols, cuddling up trying to get warm, rosey cheeks & cold noses...bring it on!
  • I have some yummy leftovers to look forward to when I go home for lunch!

I hope everyone had a great Turkeyday. If you're at work today, how are you maximizing (or passing) the time?


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