Our Weekend

Friday night: Dinner with Andrew, Jim, Lafe, and Shauna at Bikes Blues & Barbeque. Highlight was watching a 10-year-old on his own mini-chopper, with his mom and dad on their own bikes too. All sorts of thoughts went through my head...here’s an excerpt:

1. “How cute! Look at those little chaps!”
2. “You must be the coolest 3rd grader on the planet!”
3. “Why on earth would you get a child their own motorcycle,
what kind of mother are you?!?!?!”

Saturday: Dad rode in the Tour de Cure on Saturday morning. A 100 miles bicycle race benefiting American Diabetes Association...and even after stopping for a break, he and his friend Tim Yelvington finished the ride in 4 hours & 40 minutes, that’s an average of 21.1 mph! Dad, I’m so proud of you!!!

Andrew, Rachel and I spent the morning eating waffles and getting ready to go to Cindy’s surprise birthday party. I got a phone call from a very excited bride-to-be!!! Conversation went something like this:

C: Hey! Guess what I’m doing right now?
V: What?
C: Riding in the car with my fiancé!!!
C: What are you guys up to later?
V: We haven’t really decided yet, but we’d love to see you guys!
C: Yeah, maybe we can meet up later and go to Bikes...you’ve got to see this ROCK!
V: Sounds great! Call me when you guys get back from the lake.

It was so fun being “in” on the surprise! An hour or so later...well, you can read it all here...we had a fun surprise party at Camp War Eagle, and everyone made it there safely, with little help from Jason’s directions! ;) Jason & Cindy, we’re so excited for you!

Sunday: Woke up late, stayed in my pjs until 2:00 p.m. Eventually got “presentable” and Andrew and I drove around for a little while before church. Then had dinner with Casey and Brittney at East Buffet. We were sitting there, enjoying our dinner, when all of the sudden, about 50 college guys came in...no girls, just guys, and they didn’t look like fraternity boys. It was a little weird. We were glad we got there early!

It was a fun weekend! HAPPY AUTUMN!!!


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