this is my first attempt to blog from my new little tech toy the blackberry 7250. We just started carrying them last week and my boss wanted me to learn it so I could teach it to everyone else. It's been taking a little while to get used to.but I'm not feeling very NES (never ending storied) about it. It's cool to be able to check my email and get on the net some,but it's still just a thing that won't make me happier. So I thought I would list some things that do make me happy:

Beautiful days like today.
When virginia tries out a new recipe.(she has great taste!)
Poker night
The new deathcab cd
Anything mac (my NES kryptonite)
The coming autumn
Having saturday's off
Random gatherings at the RoLo casa
Hanging out with Lafe
The freewheelin' 80's
Coffeeshop lounging with virg.

Well it's a good start :-) see you soon


Brett 30/9/05 1:06 AM  

Ah, the freewheelin' 80's...

Lafe 2/10/05 7:55 PM  

andrew, i was just thinking how much i enjoy hanging out with you as well. not really, but i appreciate the compliment as well as y'all's friendship. tell virginia she needs to get to work on that kelly clarkson birthday surprise for me...

i, too, enjoy those freewheelin' days of the last throes of communism, the rise of the aids scare, and thundercats...

Lafe 3/10/05 12:00 PM  

by the way, i am a moron. i have no idea what the roaring 80's are now that i read brett's blog...

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