Dual Personalities

I have two books I'm working through right now. One makes me feel like a complete nerd, and the other makes me feel really shallow. :)

Nerdy Book: The Great Bridge by David G. McCullough. The true story of the building of the Brooklyn Bridge, and the history of the architect that designed it. It has been so interesting to me to read and learn about this time in history. Have you ever seen Gangs in New York? The bridge was built during that time period (even has some of the same names mentioned!), and is also the same time as the end of the Civil War. It makes 1869 seem like it was not that long ago. This book is 562 pages, and I'm to about page 200! I'm such a nerd!

Shallow Book: Emily Ever After by Ann Dayton & May Vanderbilt. This book was mentioned in Relevant's summer reading list as a good "chick book." I picked it up at Walmart for $8.66, and so far it's been worth about that much. It's an incredibly cheezy story of a California girl moving to New York City to follow her dreams. It's about making friends, dating, coworker relationships, and her view on being a Christian in the Big Apple. She's a little awkward and naive about her new job at a publishing house and about dating a really cute boy (who happens to be the only other Christian in the office, and he went to Yale...oooh). It's made me laugh, more of an oh-my-goodness-I can't-believe-this-is-so-dumb laugh, and I'm going to finish it just to see if they really get together or not. I know, so shallow! Let me know if you want to borrow it when I'm finished! ;)


shauna 14/9/05 10:44 AM  

your post made me laugh. i've definitely had my share of nerdy and shallow books.

Shelli 14/9/05 12:30 PM  

I would TOTALLY get into the nerdy book on the brooklyn bridge. I also enjoy the history chanel, PBS, and A&E. Ofcourse...I would need the nerdy book on tape because I can't STAND READING! I'm too A.D.D. to concentrate on the page. I end up having to read the same page about 3 times to "get it".

Shelli 14/9/05 2:53 PM  

...Oh, and I'm also a big 80's music nerd.

Virginia 14/9/05 3:28 PM  

shelli, i love the picture! :)

Spencer 14/9/05 11:23 PM  

yeah, I call dibbs on Emily ever after

Boring Sally 15/9/05 11:00 AM  

I'm writing a book that you would probably like. Its called "To Love, To Hate, To Procreate". You can see the details on my blog. I found your blog through the singing bankers. Hope thats cool.

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