I'm Back!...Sortof

As Andrew explained in the last post, surgery went very well. Thanks for all your prayers! This picture was taken Saturday morning at Rick's with the parents for breakfast. I'm getting rest, and the splint will come off on Friday. Until then, it will be "tap tap tap" on the computer, and probably not much writing things by hand for this little leftie. Small price to pay, though...I know I'll be feeling much better soon. This "required rest" is really so good for me.

I got really frustrated yesterday because I couldn't do much for myself. Andrew kept asking me if I needed any help, and I kept snipping back to him "no!". I stubbornly got up and made my own bowl of cereal for breakfast and took it with me to the couch to pout and eat it. While trying to balance it on my knee, yes, you guessed it...I ended up with Rasin Bran and milk in my lap. And all I could do was feel terrible and appologize to my sweet husband who patiently cleaned up my mess.

Such is life. We make messes all the time because of our pride. Thank you Jesus, for your patience with me. And thank you for my husband.


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