Hey everyone. I just wanted to post an update on Virginia's surgery today. I am excited to say that everything went great. We went to the Surgery Cener around 11:30 this morning. They called Virginia back to pre-OP around 11:45. I hung out with her parents for a little while and then we got to go see her. She was very calm and collected except for the fact that it took the nurse two tries to get her IV in, OUCH. we talked to her for a little while and had an opportunity to meet Dr. Moore who would be performing the surgery and we met the anesthesiologist as well. They were both very nice and put us all at ease. Just before 1 i kissed her and they wheeled her off. The doctor said it would take an hour to an hour and a half to perform the procedure. The nurse came out around 1:15 to let us know they had started the procedure. Her dad and I ran to Backyard Burger to bring back something to eat while her mom waited at the center. we came back and ate and waited for a little bit. The nurse came out at little after 2 to let us know that they were done, which was a nice surprise. The doctor met with us in a little receiving room and let us know that the surgery was a success. He removed the bone spur on her left thumb as well as her left wrist. The way he described the incisions it seems like the scars are going to be a lot smaller than we thought they were going to be. He said she did great and the anesthesiologist said it was nice to have a patient who was so healthy. she was in a first recovery room until she woke up where she would be moved to a second room where we could go see her. About a half hour later the nurse came and got us and took us back to see her. she was just waking up. she was definately out of it but she looked great. she said her arm was sore and she felt groggy but that she wasn't nauseated which was a real answer to prayer. It took her about 20 minutes to fully wake up, but she drank about 3 glasses of apple juice and ate some saltine crackers and was completely with it. she took a pain pill around 3 and around 3:20 after instructions from the nurse she was wheeled out to the car and we drove home. She actually made a few phone calls on the way home.
She's wearing a splint wrapped pretty thickly with ace bandaging over three-quarters of her forearm up to the base of her fingers. the pain pills seem to be working well and we're both really encouraged by how well the day went. We even went out to dinner with her parents and the Hunters tonight where she ate a bowl of soup.
thank you guys so much for your prayers this past week. we've really felt them and the peace of God in this whole situation. Keep praying as these next few weeks she will obviously be sore as God continues to heal her. she has another appointment next friday to remove the sutures. and should be well along her way to recovery the week after that.
Her parents are going to be staying with her tomorrow while I'm at work as she rests. Feel free to call me tomorrow if you have any other questions. Thanks and God Bless


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