Food, Family, Fun...on the Fourth

After a little conversation of “what do you want to do/I don’t know, what do you want to do,” Andrew and I made the last minute decision to drive to Little Rock yesterday to spend 4th of July with our family. We left town about 11:30, stopping at Sonic for some breakfast before embarking on our spontaneous adventure. I’ve just been thinking lately about how “close” Little Rock is...and about how much I’ve been wanting to be around family lately...and so we went...just for the heck of it!

Highlights included:

*Riding in the car with Andrew, listening to Coldplay.
*Surprising family members...first the Stegers, then Catos. How fun!
*Showing off new cars...Mom’s new zippy red convertible, my new Ford Escape.
*Running to the grocery store for more food.
*Watching Tour de France.
*Eating Dad’s should-be-world-famous hamburgers, Pop’s homemade ice-cream, Mom’s pineapple upside-down cake and Dad’s “hole-in-the-middle” chocolate cake. Yum!
*Laughing and catching up with my sweet sisters.
*Talking “vacation” with the Stegers.
*Catching the tail end of firework shows all along I-40 on our way home.

We got home last night around 11:45, which made for a long day...but it was definitely worth it for a memorable Independence Day.

By the way, check out the Miller's blog for a great picture of our Saturday float trip. Thanks, Jaime for posting it!


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