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I was at the DMV today registering my new-to-me car. What is it with people cutting in line? What makes people think that they are better than all the other people sitting patiently waiting their turn? I mean, seriously, several people got up assuming that they could be next just because they were "in a hurry." As if all the other people in the gray chairs are just sitting for the fun of it. What is it with people being so pushy...what happened to good manners and waiting your turn??? Honestly, I was more frustrated with the other people in line than I was with the actual wait itself.

True, the DMV is not a fun place to go, but...one has to exercise a certain amount of grace and patience, otherwise the experience is extra frustrating. It just seems to make sense to expect the wait to be an hour and the line to be long...that way you're pleasantly surprised when (if) the wait is shorter than expected. We wait in line for so many things, and I hate waiting in line just as much as the next guy...but we should be used to it by now, and cutting in line, or tapping your foot while you wait isn't going to make anyone speed up. Bring a book, and take your number. The wait will be much more enjoyable!


Grant 20/6/05 5:32 PM  

I hear you... here and here.

Brett 20/6/05 10:24 PM  

I agree with you, Virginia. I had to get my driver's license renewed about a month ago and the entire time I sat there, I marveled at how incredibly mean and rude most of the people there were towards the employees. So, when it was my turn, I tried my best to smile and carry on a pleasant conversation with the lady who was helping me. I'm sure it was like trying to put out a bonfire with a water pistol, but at least I tried.

shauna 21/6/05 9:01 AM  

You're right. there are things we can do while we wait. think about how much time we "waste" listening to music, reading magazines, and what not. well, it's not necessarily wasting time, but they are the same things we can be doing while waiting in a long line.
it might sound cheesy, but even start praying for all those rude, annoying people that we just want to kick in the pants. i'll admit, that's a rare one for me.

EY 21/6/05 9:43 AM  

man..that's why i'm at their door at 6:45am...and at 7:00am w/o fail. very small line..no numbers. i'm a dork...but i hate lines.

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