I found this blog today and it has had me mesmerized about life and people. What are your thoughts?


Nelson 2/6/05 9:29 PM  

Wow...that is an incredible site! I think I saw an article about it on MSNBC recently, too, but didn't go to the site.

Some are horrifying, because of the sinfulness, or maybe because I identify with them...

I really teared up when I read this one: "I believe God took my 2nd child because I killed the 1st (it was a girl)"

I really forget how much pain and sorrow there is in this world...how hopeless so many people TRULY feel.
Thanks for posting this site...it will be a great reminder of why I MUST share the gospel.

shauna 3/6/05 8:52 AM  

wow, where are y'all finding this blog . . . i visited it . . . interesting stuff . . . not sure i want to know everyone's dirty secrets though!! some are funny . . .

Virginia 3/6/05 3:51 PM  

Those are all thoughts I had about it too. What is it about anonymity that brings out "freedom" in people to say whatever they want to? For some people it's a chance to be vulnerable. But for some, do you think it's just a cry to get noticed? Even through anonymity? Ultimately, my thoughts are like yours, Nelson. People need Jesus, I need Him everyday...why wouldn't I pass on such a wonderful, true hope?

Dr. A 3/6/05 11:30 PM  

I thought to myself...look at the amazing creativity and ability of artistic expression God has blessed these people with. It's sad that they don't know what to do with it.

It reminded me of a saying I heard. It went something like this,"The greatest worship leader on the planet is Garth Brooks. He just doesn't yet understand that his gifts and abilities are there for a different reason."

I long for the church to be a place for artists like these to be welcomed and embraced. A wonderful by-product of that would be seeing them express themselves in worship by using their gifts to glorify God.

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