I miss my car.

I had a little fender-bender on Wednesday. I had to brake to keep from hitting a car that crossed in front of me, and ended up hydroplaning down the hill a little bit...and then hit some wooden poles (that kept me from driving down into a person’s yard). I’m fine, not even a scratch...but my car, on the other hand, didn’t fare so well.

She was on her last days anyway. This just retired her for good. I kept fighting for her, with the tow-truck-man, deciding what body shop to take her to. Then, Andrew said, “Babe, we’re going to have to get a new car.” Oh, heartbreak!!!!

I know...she was a 1997 Ford Taurus, nothing special. But to me, she was my first car. And my grandpa loved the car because she used to belong to his sister, Aunt Sissy. Now, I’m dealing with life without my Taurus, and I found myself today thinking, “I miss my car.”

On a more serious note, I know God is teaching me to trust Him. He’s taken a stronghold of “control” from me...to teach me to rely on Him. So, maybe it’s not really that I’m mourning for my car, maybe it’s really more of a “loss of control” issue.


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