If you haven’t read Blue Like Jazz yet, what are you waiting for? We were talking on Monday night about how there may be some things in the book that we don’t directly agree with, but its such a refreshing look at Christian spirituality...and a point of view that not many people seem to be able to verbalize as well as Don can. And... he gets us talking about these issues that we wouldn’t necessarily talk about. Like...how do we share our lives with our non-believing friends without isolating them or coming across “ashamed” of our faith. Comments like “I feel called to do this,” or “it’s really God’s will that this happened” just don’t make sense to our culture. We need to learn to break down the christianese we’ve been taught all our lives and speak in a language people can understand. We concluded on Monday night that we can only learn to do this by drawing close to the Lord...by letting Him truly into our lives, and by allowing Him to give us the words to communicate to the people around us.

Anyone else reading it right now? Or has read it? What are your thoughts? What else are you reading?


Lafe 1/7/05 12:47 PM  

Blue Like Jazz is a great book. It is quite refreshing and very different from all the books I have ever read before. Miller just cuts through the BS of religion and just wears his heart on his sleeve. Something that I think most Christians don't do enough of. We are not transparent enough. We think that the only way to show someone about Christ is through his strengthen us. But in reality, the best way to show someone what Christ means to us, is by showing them our flaws and weakness. People don't come to Christ who think they have it all together.

If you get a chance, check out Miller's teaching at his home church (Imago Dei chuch in Portland) this past weekend. I was listening to it last night while running and next think I know I have been running for 50 minutes.

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