what kind of name is that?

Last night i had free range of dinner choices so, being the lover of bbq that i am, I went to the new bbq place on wedington. "Boar's Nest BBQ". I have to say it was quite tasty. I love penguin ed's and all, but sometimes i crave some chopped pork as opposed to the sliced. The sauce was nice and tangy. The baked potato salad was fantastic! and to make the place unique, instead of coke, instead of pepsi, they had RC Cola. how cool is that! plus they sell moon pies for 79 cents. i rather enjoyed it. we should go sometime.


Nelson 18/5/05 9:39 PM  

What an incredible coincidence! This weekend, I was asking a friend of mine if there were any good "hole in the wall" BBQ places in NWA, and we couldn't think of any.

I'll definitely be checking out Boar's Nest! (and yeah...that's a horrible name for a food joint)

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