TGI (almost) F

Jessica Simpson and I are passing the time as the clock ticks away to 5:00. You have to love Musak. Not really.

I’ve been busy with busy work today. It was a co-worker’s birthday, and those of us that work closest to him either forgot about it or didn’t realize that it was today. And he’s the type that tells everyone on the phone what day it is and how old he is (39). I'm glad tomorrow's Friday.

I just started reading Travelling Mercies by Ann Lamott. I actually saw the title in a comment/review on the back of Blue Like Jazz by Don Miller. People seem to love Blue Like Jazz, and the commentator compared Blue Like Jazz to Travelling Mercies. I’m not even halfway through it yet, but I am truly enjoying her writing style and perspective on life and Christianity. If you are interested in finding out more about it, here’s a good little commentary. Andrew is about to start Blue Like Jazz, I am sure he will write more about that later.


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