the private act of music

I must admit that sometimes I am quite the selfish music listener. it's something that i've discovered since i've been rekindling my friendship with my ipod. I've had my ipod for almost a year and a half now and my attachment to it has had its ebbs and flows, but here i am at my computer with my white earbuds inserted having whatever rock anthem or postmodern power ballad i please transfered directly to my eardrums. the private act of music can affect my emotion and perspective almost like nothing else. a movie can have the same impact but that's a two hour process; with a song i can be transformed within 3 minutes time, whether it's to laughter or tears. and to me it's all worship. Radiohead and sunny day real estate can drive me to praise God just as much as David Crowder or Don Chaffer. I love the gospel according to Thom Yorke and the gospel according to Jeremy Enigk. They were created in the image of God just as I am and therefore can't help but somehow exemplify a quality of the nature of God. let everything that has breath praise the Lord.

Bill Mallonnee

find a rusty gate
and hang your hat upon it's creak
the scraped sound is drowned by the praises
of orphaned childrens' sleep.
be a whiskered man; be a naked sheep
a lonesome goal indeed my friend
a gracious act indeed
so never fill your tin can heart
with the burdens that you breathe.
your cigarettes and bruised voice
help me to sleep in peace


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