Through the ringer

Man, I can never complain about a job interview again! I've been reading up on the hearing to appoint Condoleezza Rice as the new Secretary of State, through jlo's friend Grant's blog and yahoo.com. Talk about pressure! When all was said and done (about an hour ago), the Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted to confirm her...the vote was 16-2. Guess who voted against her??? The two senators that basically reemed her about the Bush administration's decisions on the war in Iraq...Barbara Boxer and ....John Kerry. Go figure.

Words like "integrity," "conviction," "character," "credibility," and "truth" really stood out to me as I read articles on the hearings. She's one tough lady, and its truly amazing to see someone in such a public office stand for what they believe in. Congratulations Condoleezza, on your new job. I think it will be an interesting next four years.


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