American Idol

We don't get ABC, so instead of being able to watch Alias last night, we watched American Idol. Oh. My. Goodness. What would possess some of these people to do that? And how on earth to the judges sit through ALL of those auditions? And how many different ways are there to sing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"? After a while I can understand why Simon gets a little cranky and says, "I don't like music anymore." :)

Here's my opinion: if you're going to audition for American Idol, and you have to sing a somewhat well-known song, sing something you really like, but not something that someone really famous sings. Nothing by Whitney Houston or Josh Groban, because you'll never sound as good as they do, and you've only got one chance to make a first impression.


Nelson 20/1/05 7:22 PM  

You don't get ABC??? That's tragic! We should put together an "Alias" watching night each week and all watch it together!

And as far as American Idol goes, I read an article yesterday about some of those horrible singers. It seems that the producers of the show "allow" them to go on and sing horribly to boost ratings. Makes sense, since we're all glued to the TV to see how bad the next person will be. It's still sad to see people who truly think they're good singers to get REAMED by the judges (and us). I wish they would show more of the talented folks, too. It seems like they've focused almost completely on the bad and tragic than the truly talented people.

Virginia 21/1/05 11:11 AM  

yeah, i know, its a bummer. we don't have cable, and our ghetto antenna gets almost everything but ABC. Andrew and I caught up on Alias through all the dvds. I really think thats the way to go, then you can start the next episode to see what happens next...its great. :)

Jason 21/1/05 11:57 AM  

I agree with John on this one. The horrible singers boost ratings a ton. Remember William Hung or whatever his name was. He recorded a CD! What the heck. I admit I like the show. You can definitely tell when someone "has it" Most of the first episodes are a bunch of wacky side stories and horrible singing. It is funny when the judges can't stop laughing. If I had to audition I would probably sing "I want it that way" by Backstreet Boys. One of my favorites.

Nelson 21/1/05 3:34 PM  

Miller, I just had a horrible mental image of you at an AI audition singing "I want it that way" by the BSB. Yikes.

I totally agree with you about the seasonal DVDs. Allison and I watched the first 2 seasons of 24 (FANTASTIC SHOW!) on DVD. This was pre-baby, so we would put it in Friday night and finish Sunday afternoon. Very intense...very sore bums. But since 24 is SO intense and each episode is such a cliff-hanger, the DVD format really helps.

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