A little turkey, a lot of driving.

This was definitely a unique Thanksgiving holiday.

The basics are that we spent Thanksgiving Eve with Andrew's family, looking at all the holiday decorations and watching a movie (but I can't remember what movie). Thanksgiving lunch was with my family...mom cooked and hosted a wonderful buffet-style traditional Thanksgiving meal, and the whole fam was there. It was really nice to laugh with my sisters and show off our new car. :)
Then Thursday night we picked up Keogh and drove to Mount Vernon, TX and stayed with our friends, the Hickersons, who own a beautiful ranch/bed and breakfast. Friday we woke up at 5:00 and left around 6 to meet Jordan and Mandy in Waco, then arrived at our destination of San Antonio around 7:30pm. The rest of the weekend is sortof a blur as we attended the rehersal dinner at a TexMex restaurant on the SanAn River Walk. Then wedding of John and Jamie Snider on Saturday, drove back to Dallas, then to LR on Sunday. Whew.

I've been thinking about traditions lately, and how I want to mark these significant holidays. All through my childhood, Thanksgiving and Christmas were the same...then about 6 years ago everything changed. I've dealt with the change in "traditions"...what we have to eat, where we go to celebrate, who attends, what the decorations look like. As our family dynamic has changed over the past two years, and will probably continue to change as my sisters (and Andrew's bro and sis) grow up and add to their own new families, I'm learning to be flexible to new traditions and the TRUE meaning of the holidays. Does it matter who hosts Thanksgiving? Or what exact day we celebrate? Or if the big meal is lunch or dinner? The meaning doesn't have to be wrapped up in the "things" of the holidays. But what is it wrapped up in? And what do I do in the meantime as traditions evolve? I love having Thanksgiving with my family, but I also love being with my in-laws to celebrate the holiday. Both places are significant to me, and both traditions are important. So what do we do when they overlap??

One of the many adjustments of a newly-wed I guess! Having traditions doesn't mean that I have to be opposed to change. I look forward to the growth of my whole family...watching my sisters get married some day, seeing kids run around (although it will be a while!). This thanksgiving was fun, and definitely filled with memories. We watch these holidays pass and think the world will end if it's not perfect...but it won't end, and it doesn't mean the holiday is less special if we do something different every now and then.

I know this is a lot of rambling, and probably doesn't make much sense! But that's what the Blog Ring has been about lately...ramblings. :) I pray each of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, that your hearts truly feel peace because of what Jesus has done for us. I am thankful for so much in my life right now. Especially thankful for the friendships He's blessed me with this year. :)


Brett 2/12/04 9:51 AM  

So you guys were able to get a new car in LR? What did you get?

Virginia 2/12/04 12:48 PM  

Drew's Explorer has seen its last days. We're sad to say goodbye (and "hello" to the world of Auto Debt), but we're on to "bigger" and better things. We are proud owners of a 2001 Toyota Corolla...cute little car, and awesome gas mileage. :)

Virginia 2/12/04 12:50 PM  

know anybody that's looking to buy a '97 Ford Explorer?? :)

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