day in day out

Andrew and I were talking about this yesterday. I don't know how to get out of the "day-in-day-out" rut! It just seems like it's always the same old thing. And even though I know I'm growing in so many ways, it doesn't seem to really affect the day to day routine. So frustrating to me! I'm just blahs. What do you do to spice things up? Anybody reading anything great right now?


EY 29/10/04 8:32 AM  

reading a great book called "the kitchen god's wife" by Amy Tan. it talks about all the difference between an americanized chinese woman and her "american" family and her relationship with her very very "chinese" mother and aunt and all of their "chinese proverbs"...so if you're into that...maybe.... but the one's Andrew has read by Annie Dillard sound like a good go... but man..I wish I had more time to do "pleasure" reading....don't get me wrong..I love my construction/material reading like the next girl..but I don't want to dream about hybrid alloys anymore. :) I also have other books by Francine Rivers "Leota's Garden" is really good.

Jaime 1/11/04 8:21 PM  

a couple of my students recommended a different sort of book for me to read: and then there were none by agatha christie. i'm loving it.

to spice things up: try changing sides of the bed with andrew. :) small steps to freedom. and i have been learning to leave room for God to move. i'm still working on what this looks like, so ask me later.

Nelson 8/11/04 12:51 PM  

Allison and I are trying a new thing out with a circle of people that is sure to change things up a bit.

You get about 4 or 5 families together. You pick a schedule and 1 family cooks for all other families for a night. So, family 1 cooks a meal on Monday night for the other 4 families. Then on Tuesday, family 2 cooks a meal for the other families. Whoever cooks also delivers.

We haven't tried this yet...it's still in the works (or oven if you will). But it'll be a nice change to have that cooking time to hang out with your own family 4 extra nights a week!

I also like the switching sides of the bed thing that Jaime posted. I've asked, but Allison won't budge.

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