when i got off work yesterday, i ran over to the Neighborhood Market to pick up a few things. i was wandering around pretty aimlessly anyway, but started wandering even more aimlessly when my friend called. so there i was, wandering around WalMart, talking on the phone...and one of my "superior/collegues" at work walks up. very nice man, but i completly blew him off because i was so distracted anyway by not remembering what i was shopping for, and by being on the phone. all these thoughts are going on in my head...talking with my friend, remembering what i'm shopping for, avoiding my collegue, and trying to focus on checking out and getting back in my car.

ever have those days when you just expect something else to go wrong? sometimes i can handle multiple things going on at once...but other times, i'm just a frazzled mess. :)

so i get to work this morning and Jon is here. do i mention it, or avoid it? i mentioned it..."sorry I blew you off at WalMart last night, i was having trouble multitasking!" o-well...could have been worse i guess.


Elise 9/9/04 11:16 PM  

I can totally relate. . .Women are supposed to be multitaskers, and I am in some senses, but when it comes to conversation or relationships, I can't do it. Sometimes my kids are talking to me while I'm on the phone (usually with someone who doesn't have kids). Sometimes, I'm talking with one friend at a coffee shop, when I see another person I know out of the corner of my eye and become distracted. In my perfect relationship world, I could sit down to coffee or a Sonic Diet Coke with one person, possibly two, and dialogue without distraction--not exactly what you're getting at, but an elaboration on your thoughts. :)

Virginia 10/9/04 9:41 AM  

that's totally what i'm talking about. i feel pretty awkward sometimes! i guess it's good to push me outside my comfort zone...but ideally i'd love to either:
1) be better at thinking on my toes in distracting situations
2) be able to lighten up about the small random distractions in my life.

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