• I've started twittering.
  • I subscribed to Lifehacker on my Bloglines.
  • I've been going through stuff in our apartment to get ready for a garage sale this weekend (yeah for getting rid of stuff!).
  • I've been missing Fayetteville in the Spring. Red Bud trees, forsythia, tulips...
  • I've been reading Getting Things Done by David Allen (you know how I love lists!).

What have you been doing?


Brett 22/4/08 10:38 PM  

Lifehacker & GTD - awesome.

Not convinced about Twitter. Especially after reading GTD.

orangejack 23/4/08 12:05 AM  

You are on the up and up! Twitter rocks (thanks for the follow). Lifehacker rocks (though you should also check out my 170spoons.com!). Google Reader > Bloglines. GTD is great but make sure you tweak it to work for you!

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