What I learned today:

How to use Parameter fields in Crystal 8.5:

  • Parameter fields are used to select report criteria at runtime.
  • To get the field to work as criteria for the report, you have to establish the Parameter Field, then add it in the Select Expert.
    {FieldName} = {?ParameterFieldName}
  • Once you establish the parameter field, you can add it to the report title so that your report is customized based on the report criteria.
  • You must uncheck the "Save Data with Report" option in Report Options.

How does this make my life easier? I'm so glad you asked!!!!! Now, instead of rewriting the report everytime someone has one little change to make, I can have them run the report and tell it exactly what they want to see. YEAH! My time can now be better spent doing other things than rewriting reports!

Welcome to my little world of Database Management and Report Writing.


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