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Thanks for the birthday wishes! I had a great day, if you want to see pics, go here. Life is rolling right along here in Central Florida. There are a billion things I could catch you all up on...I'll start with one thing for now...maybe I can get to the rest of my crazy life at a later date. :)

I'm working! Yes, I found a job. Here's the story:

I interviewed twice for a teller job at a small, obscure local bank in town. The lady that interviewed me was one of four people in the entire branch, and she kept saying over and over how slow the position was and how they very rarely had any customers in the bank...and there were no goals to meet as far as sales or transactions or anything. (Yes, Shelli, I know...I was amazed). So, they ended up offering me the job...at a price that was definitely higher than expected...but I just wasn't thrilled about it since I knew that I'd be bored out of my mind.

That same day, I got a call from a staffing agency that I'd submited my resume to. They wanted me to come in and take their assessment test and interview, so I went in last Tuesday to go through that process. I figured I didn't have anything to lose. I didn't have incredibly high expectations, but during the interview, the lady basically offered me a position in their office, as the Senior Client Services Specialist. So...Wednesday morning at 9:00 a.m., I accepted the staffing job, and Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. I was working. WOW!

So, needless to say, the end of last week was a whirlwind, but it was exciting as I learned my new job from the person I am replacing. Friday was her last day, and Monday was my first day on my own. Here's my assessment of the Pros and Cons (in no particular order):

*They offered me the job after barely interviewing me.
*I'm learning all about HR and Staffing, which is an awesome field to be in.
*The office is small and friendly, only 5 people total, and I get along with everyone.
*I am the only one in the office with an actual office.
*My job title is actually "Executive"...which makes it sound like I know what I'm doing even if I dont! (its kindof surreal, actually).
*The drive to work is a straight shot, 20 minutes, but I don't have to manuver crazy traffic to get there.
*So far, it feels like a "working interview"...I'm figuring them out, and they're figuring me out...and if it doesn't work, then I move on, no big deal. Flexible.

*Doesn't provide Health Insurance. Yikes.
*30 minute Lunch...and everyone pretty much eats together every day...so I don't get a break.
*No internet access or personal phone use. None. Not that I need to spend much time doing personal things at work, but to not have ANY access whatsoever is a little restricting. I can deal with it. ;)
*Sales. Yes, most of my job is somewhat Sales-oriented. As "client services specialist," I am the one talking to business that need jobs filled. In most cases that's just about getting the company's name out there...and making sure our files are updated. Not sure what I think about that yet. And...sales also equals commission.

Monday was a little discouraging as I tried to figure everything out. Today was much better...I guess its just "new job jitters." I do still have at least one more interview with another bank, so we'll see what that turns into. It would be a great opportunity, and thankfully, I'm in a good place with flexibility. It will all work out...and I have a job, which is wonderful! And...I'm in complete awe if anyone is still reading this. ;)



Drew Caperton 6/7/06 9:37 AM  

I read the whole thing.

I'm excited for you guys.

Not to be a bother, but could you email me and tell me why you moved again [or just show me the post where you laid it out].

Patricia 6/7/06 11:42 AM  

Yaya for getting a job!

Shelli 6/7/06 1:38 PM  

Dear Executive with Sales Goals: THATS AWESOME! I'm so excited you found something. Thats just great.

...hey the card rocked. Thanks! We miss you!! Hope to see you soon.

Virginia 6/7/06 4:40 PM  

Thanks guys!

Drew: We moved to FL so that Andrew can go back to school...for a detailed description why Orlando for school, here's the link to the post about our decision


We'll be here at least two years while he goes through the Graphic/Multimedia Design program at IADT.

Elizabeth,  6/7/06 9:05 PM  

I love the picture of Andrew surfing!! I'm praying for ya'll!! Love you!!

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