Its GO Time...

How am I going to deal with the pressure?

-Looking for job
-Dealing with finances
-Making new friends
-Eastern Standard Time Zone (hello! LOST is on at like 9:00 at night! that's bedtime!)
-No fall leaves and no spring flowers?
-Looking for a new church
-Marital tension (who? me?)

I'd like to think of myself as a pretty easy-going person, flexible personality, fun-loving, go-with-the-flow, low-maintenance.

Stop laughing. Really! ;) I know, I know... Over the past few years (I think my job has lots to do with it), I've become this strict, scheduled, organized, serious person. Must. Have. A. Plan. Agh. What is up?

So, I loved Shelli's description of herself over at The Singing Banker. The difference between her outside persona and inside personality. Its like the iTunes commercial (is that for a phone?) that has a girl walking on the sidewalk listening to music, and her shadow is doing a funky dance. Yeah, I think somewhere inside, that's me. But where did she go?

Andrew would say the same thing, "Where's that fun, cute girl I married? When did everything become so serious?" I'm looking for her, babe, really.

So, its been one of those introspective days/weeks. Re-evaluating myself, what are my dreams in life, what do I want to be when I grow up, what is keeping me from realizing those dreams. What kind of job do I see myself in? Will I end up settling for the first job that comes my way? Just another banking job? OR is banking okay? Will I continue actually liking what I'm doing, and does it matter anyway?

Thanks for bearing with me on this random Thursday post.


Grant 11/5/06 7:36 PM  

call in sick tomorrow.

then go find her.

I'm guessing she's either at the movies or eating ice cream.

Virginia 12/5/06 8:15 AM  

yes, yes, i think you're right. thanks grant.

Anonymous,  15/5/06 8:46 PM  

Virginia, I can SOOO relate to you right now! I like the comment Grant made.

I will pray for your job hunt, making new friends and trusting God in this whole process.

Malinda M.

whitney 19/5/06 3:48 PM  

hey spend a trip to orlanda in the car with your cute, fun baby sis and maybe you'll find the cute fun you again. love you. can't wait to spend 4 streight days with you.

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