no food for you!!

Today I met the incomparable Rogelio Samour for lunch. We met at Wendy's and stood in line for 5-7 minutes. Ro gets to the front of the line and orders. He pulls out his debit to pay and the lady says "oh, our credit/debit machine is down." So we leave. Ro suggested we go to Walmart to get some bbq chicken tenders from the deli. we walk all the way to the back of Walmart, and they're out of them. So we're like fine, we'll go to the McDonald's in Walmart. We get there, wait in line for 5 minutes and we ask the lady, "so is your debit machine working right now?" It wasn't. So we leave Walmart and drive to the McDonald's across the street, now only having 20 minutes left of our lunch break. We walk in, and yes...the debit machine is working. That's the best i've felt about eating at McDonald's in a long time...except now my stomach hurts, oh well. :-)


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