We’re still here

Life is rolling right along, and we’re still here even though we’re slacking on the blog.

6 Things for 2006
(aka Quick Synopsis of the past two weeks)
  1. Andrew and I spent Christmas in Little Rock with our families. As always, we had great family time and ate some wonderful food (two of the most important things about going home!). It was truly a blessing to get to spend that time with everyone.
  2. We caught up on some movies: The Family Stone, Chronicles of Narnia, Rumor Has It, and Pride & Prejudice. I think that was a record for me...four movies in less than seven days!
  3. I was off work for 11 ½ days! As boring as it sounds, I spend most of my “free time” cleaning and organizing the apartment. My goal is to have a place for everything, and whatever doesn’t have a place gets thrown away! Simplify, simplify, simplify. So far, so good...I actually do feel a lot better about all the “stuff.”
  4. Although Andrew worked all week, Holiday Hours are officially over (yeah!), which means he actually gets home at a decent hour.
  5. We rang in 2006 with Dick Clark, Ryan Seacrest, and some CG friends. “Corks,” “99,” and Hold’em...till 2:00am. And enjoyed the Harper’s “family recipe” margaritas!
  6. I actually almost had to turn on the AC over the weekend! I can’t believe how warm it was over the weekend.

Life is pretty much back to normal this week, but that’s okay. It seems like there are several big decisions headed our way as we begin this new year, but we’ll take it all in stride and see what's in store for us. I hope you all are enjoying this first week of 2006. Much love to you all.



shauna 6/1/06 11:15 AM  

that's awesome about getting organized! i'm such a big fan of that stuff. i just bought us a paper shredder (how nerdy is that!) because i have a gazillion old receipts/documents, old bills, bank statements stashed everwhere. i'm determined to get simplified too!!!!! ;)

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