My office is in the back of the building...next to the break room...and the bathroom. Usually, its not that bad, isn't both rooms at the same time, and doesn't waft to my office. But...today even my apple candle can't overpower the combination of odors. Yikes! Its something like burnt coffee, microwaved leftovers, stinky fridge, misc. bathroom odors, and two types of Lysol air freshener. I need a gas mask.


Nelson 4/10/05 4:10 PM  

That's awesome!

sarah j. 5/10/05 3:49 PM  

I feel for you. My desk is right next to our kitchen...and we occasionally get the dead animal in the crawl space under the house-turned office...

Virginia 5/10/05 4:34 PM  

oh yeah, we've had that smell too. geesh. ;)

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