Mother's Day Out

I drove to Little Rock yesterday to spend the day with my mom. Andrew had to work, and it just ended up being a good day to get away. I got in town about 11:00. We went to Tropical Smoothie for lunch, drove around looking for WiFi Hotspots in LR, and went to see Whitney in her new apartment.

Thanks Mom, for such a great day. As I get older, I'm more and more thankful for you and for who you are. I learn a lot about myself when I'm with you, and I admire the ways you are dealing with things in your life. I'm glad we got to hang out! I love you very much!


Grant 6/9/05 2:55 PM  

you know, if had called me or emailed me - I could have pointed you to lots of wi-fi places.....

but I'm not bitter about it.....


even though I still haven't met you face to face...

not bitter....not one bit.

Nelson 6/9/05 8:19 PM  

Yes! The fire is rekindled!111

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