Hodge Podge

Not much going on today. I swear I zoned out three times today as I worked on my computer. I don't know if I need more sleep, or less sleep, or caffeine, or what. Maybe I just need a weekend!

I'm writing today because it's been a few days, and I really like seeing new posts on here besides the same thing all the time.

I've started to notice the tops of the trees changing colors. Anyone else noticing that yet? On my way home from work these days I've been watching for "Fall" to arrive...looks like it might be soon. Brett informed me of the actual process of the leaves changing...the things that have to happen weather-wise for Fall to be colorful. Maybe he'll enlighten all of us (*hint hint!)...or maybe not, I guess we'll see.

And...I've been watching my site-meter lately...it seems that The Steger Blog has been getting visitors from all over! So, whether you are a regular commenter or not, welcome to our world. Thanks for reading our random ramblings.


Sarah 24/9/05 6:56 PM  

The leaves around our house are starting to turn yellow. I haven't noticed any of the really amazing oranges or reds yet though. I know it is fall though because our yard is COMPLETELY covered in leaves.

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