Plato's Cave and the Sound of Settling

"it seems like dreams become a child-like thing the older we get,
but we still have them and grab them and wake them until we forget"

it's one in the morning and i'm feeling restless. the world feels to be rotating around the selfish axis of me. i'm suffocating and contemplating that place that my life now sits. i sit here and realize that I was not made for this. I can feel my saint leap inside my sinner, writhing and aching for life. I wish to be free from the sin and the monotany and the complacency that i seem to be adding brick by brick to the foundation of me. I'm tired of breathing recycled air. I see my shadows cast by the fire outside and i fear and revere its warmth.
break me free
from my timidity
and thrust me bare
into the salty air
Lord please call me
to something greater than me.


Nelson 31/8/05 8:34 AM  

I actually read Plato's Cave recently because I was feeling this exact same way . Thanks for writing this...it expresses a lot of peoples' (and very much my own) spiritual feelings at times.

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