One Handed Paper Hanger

Office situation under control. It seems like it ended up really getting people to start to get some of their “conflict” issues out in the open. Our great managers discussed the situation with their managers, who eventually took the issue to the big guy himself...Jim Walton. Maybe Human Resources will get a make-over, and we’ll all be encouraged in the best ways to handle interoffice conflict. Hmm...maybe not...but nonetheless, no one got fired, and hurt feelings were resolved. Yeah God!

On a different note, I’d like to say that I have a new-found appreciation for people who break their writing arms (or any arm) and have to wear a cast...and still function in society. My attempt at becoming ambidextrous hasn’t worked as well as I had hoped, and I’m still tapping away at my computer keyboard. Blah! Cast hopefully comes off tomorrow, and I’m just looking forward to working really hard at getting all the movement back quickly! Also, about the title, I heard a really awkward, really funny story about how someone stuck their foot in their mouth by using that phrase...I wish I remembered it well enough to retell it with style, but, alas, I don't...you'll just have to use you imagination!

Have a great Thursday, everyone. Its almost the weekend!


Nelson 4/8/05 12:22 PM  

It's good to hear that things got resolved at work, that your hand is healing, that the cast comes off soon, and you're still blogging (way to go Blogger Trooper!)

On another note, I like the new look of the blog! Pretty colors. And nice addition of the wedding photo in the header bar! Classy!

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