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I was looking through my drawers the other day for a t-shirt to wear when I was struck by the number of my favorite t-shirts that I no longer have. I've always been somewhat of an amateur t-shirt collector. Certain t-shirts are like favorite songs to me, taking me back to a memory that is indelible in my mind. They'd always fit perfect and made me feel confident in them. I'm not sure where they've gone: lost in the bowels of past closets, left at friends houses, accidentally thrown away, purposely thrown away as a letting go moment only to regret it later, ruined in the washer. So this is my LOST SHIRT list:

A red weezer shirt with the four band members as cartoons, has Mikey (the former bass player) on it instead of the current Scott. Purchased in Columbia, MO at the only weezer show I've ever been to. Show was pre-green album so it rocked! We (Jim Phillips, Lyle Sewell) crashed on the floor of the K-life building there. Jim rented a movie at the local grocery store (Shnucks). Our friend who went to Mizzou was supposed return the movie but kept it for over a month. Jim got a hateful letter from Shnucks.

A white Green Leafe Cafe, my favorite pub from my brief stint in Williamsburg, has a Homer J. Simpson quote on the back "I would kill everyone in this room for a drop of sweet beer." Crass I know, but the place held some fantastic memories for me. Spent New Years Eve 2002 there with all my friends. Counted down outside and watched fireworks falling over William and Mary. I somehow started a rousing sing along of The Star Spangled Banner with all the drunken bargoers.

A blue Cotham's tshirt. Has an illustration of the famous burger joint in an old mercantile store in Scott, AR. Home of the Hubcap Burger and the worlds best onion rings. One of my favorite places I used to go. Never ever had a bad experience there. A destination dining experience. Reminds me of my friend I never see anymore Ramon Chaparro. Haven't seen this shirt in years.

A green William and Mary Women's Lacrosse team tshirt. Purchased on my trip to W&M in high school when I was scouting out the college. it just was a great shirt. Great design. T-shirt was stolen by a friend of a friend. arghh.

I know there's more, but they've faded away along with my memories. So this is my eulogy to them: may moth nor stain never find you. I'll see you in my closet in heaven (except for maybe the Green Leafe one.)


Brett 14/7/05 11:24 AM  

I don't know about the Green Leafe T-Shirt, but surely there's Guinness in heaven, right? Right? RIGHT?!?

Andrew 14/7/05 1:50 PM  

Yes there will. Heck yes. In Heaven the wine flows like beer.

Ro 14/7/05 11:16 PM  

lost in the bowels of past closets...?

Descriptive and well thought-out choice of words... to say the least!


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